Our mission.

We're building a world where every US resident has access to fresh, nutritious food within a 5-minute walk of their front door. Join us on our journey to change food systems, grow green jobs, and help grow the next generation of land stewards.

We believe that food, housing, and community are fundamental human rights, and that the role of business in a just society is to provide abundance, resources, and joy to as many people as possible. That's why everything we do at Roots Down is designed through the lens of equity.


From our core service offerings to the way we operate our business and our hiring practices,

we believe our most important role is to deliver resources to those who need it most. 

We also believe that businesses should be a force for good in the world, which is why we're pursuing innovative business governance, structure, and equity models to create as much abundance as possible. Join us on our journey to make a more just, abundant, and joyful world. 

Our mission in action.

We're more than a business; we're a movement. That's why everything we do is focused on growing a larger, more powerful food justice organization from the grass roots up. These are just some of the things we're doing to build a greener future. 
Our fundraising.

Our mission is for every person in the US to be within a 5-minute walk from fresh, nutritious food. We need your help to get there. Sign up for our free newsletter to stay updated on our progress, and consider making a monthly or one-time payment to one of fundraising campaigns. 100% goes toward building greener landscapes.

Our work.

Building Productive Urban Landscapes is the foundation of our work. We believe that virtually all urban spaces can be redesigned to incorporate edible landscaping and pollinator habitats. Check out a gallery of our past projects and case studies to see how PUL's could transform your community. 

Our partners.

We believe business is better with community. That's why we partner with other great organizations to achieve our goals. From Georgia Audubon to The Wylde Center, we're always on the look out for impactful communities organizations that are doing the work to build a better world.


Our story.

Founded by Productive Urban Landscape expert and reformed farmer, Jamie Rosenthal, Roots Down is currently celebrating our third year in business. We envision a world where food is abundant, local, and grown as a result of community effort. A world where the landscapes we pass by in our communities every day are beneficial to environmental wellbeing, where food security is a human right, and where farming is considered a public service. That's why we're working everyday to provide the best permaculture education and urban agriculture tips and advice in the country.

Meet the team.

Jamie Rosenthal
Chief Executive Officer
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Kim Morrison
Board of Directors
Larissa Paredes Muse
Advisory Council
Tres Crow
Chief Marketing Officer
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Program Coordinator
Miranda Rupkey
Maria Álvarez
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Christian Thomas
Productive Urban Landscapes Intern
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Khari Diop
Advisory Council

Our giving.

Growing abundance through radical business philanthropy. 
Here at Roots Down, we're committed to creating not only one the greenest companies on the planet, but also showing that profound corporate philanthropy and empathy are viable business strategies for the 21st century. We live in a connected, increasingly stressed world, and we believe businesses should be more than anything forces for good.
To ensure we're spreading abundance throughout our network, we give a minimum of 10% of our proceeds every month to organizations in our network. We're a small company with big goals, and we can't do this alone. We need your support, and we need to help the family or organizations, volunteers, government officials, and youth advocates pushing food and climate justice forward.
You can feel good about supporting Roots Down because you know your dollars are going to building parks, pollinator meadows, supporting local non-profits and urban farmers and lots more!

Here are some of the incredible organizations we support.

We're an Atlanta-based company, so we're starting local. Here are a just a few of the amazing organizations we work with and support.

Ready to help grow better places?

Our partners.

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We're the friendliest company on the planet. Join our Partner Network and let's see how we can collaborate to change the world!