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Shifting the paradigm of landscaping.

Roots Down is dedicated to growing more beautiful, sustainable, and abundant communities by training the next generation of land stewards. Here's how we do it!

Imagining a greener world, together.

Growing Fruitful Communities takes a village, that's why we focus on people first. Through a host of live and online educational events, we bring together eco-conscious people around the shared goal of better public spaces.
Roots Down Roadshow

Our cornerstone workshop shows HOA's, property managers, landscapers, and homeowners how to bring the beauty, abundance, and sustainability of Productive Urban Landscapes to their projects, properties, and homes.

Lunch and learn seminars

For specific industry verticals, we also offer lunch and learn seminars where we discuss the specific challenges and needs within an industry context. We currently offer seminars for developers, property managers, HOA's, and local government.

Hands-on learning

We've also developed a series of hands-on learning events that focus on the fiscal, social, and environmental benefits of ecological landscaping. Attendees not only learn about the landscapes, but what makes them so beneficial.

The Roots Down app

The Roots Down app is where all our clients go to complete certification, connect with others, and find our growing catalog of continuing education modules. Get educated, connect to potential clients, and find your tribe in the Roots Down app!

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Bring Roots Down to your area!

Interested in bringing Roots Down to your town or neighborhood? Contact us for more information on getting started!


Showing you the path to integrated sustainability.

Through our innovative certification methodology, we're turning knowledge into power, and growing a movement of educated, engaged, and empowered industry partners, ecological landscapers, and climate advocates.

We offer two types of individual certifications. For professional landscapers we've developed the Grower Program, and for residents we offer the Grower Advocate certificate.


We've developed a first-of-its-kind ecological landscaping certification for commercial and government properties. Show your commitment to sustainability by getting Roots Down certified.


Bringing it all together.

We show local governments, industry partners, and other organizations how to build better landscapes, and craft policies that grow Fruitful Communities.
Public education

The Fruitful Communities Forum is a 1-2 hour community activation event that educates and engages community stakeholders about transitioning to Productive Urban Landscapes.

Site assessment

We collaborate with landscapers and department heads to asses and identify the most impactful locations for Productive Urban Landscapes.

Policy consulting

We do a comprehensive review of your landscaping, land use, and urban agriculture policies and propose revisions and new policies that help promote Fruitful Communities. 

Project catalyst

We bring together governments, businesses, organizations, and constituents to catalyze the policies, public support, and funding necessary for sustainable implementation. 


More than a movement, a family.

Our staff.

Our advisors.