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Established in 2018, Roots Down has evolved from a sustainability provider to a leading urban regenerative solutions specialist. Our journey reflects a commitment to redefining the relationship between communities and their environment. At Roots Down, we believe that by embracing regenerative urban land use, we can create resilient hubs that not only withstand the challenges of a changing climate but actively contribute to the well-being of local communities.



Roots Down has undergone a transformative journey, driven by green growth principles for sustainable living and a deep respect for the interconnectedness of all living systems. We’ve created a comprehensive blueprint, growing thought leadership around urban regenerative solutions. Dedicated to coaching sustainable mindsets for ecological environments, educational resources, and telling the stories of what being rooted in regeneration can look like, Roots Down is a leader in experiential earthcare. Our legacy began at Wolfscratch Farm and brought us to the city. From Clarkston Green Library to Jane Goodall planting a tree of hope in Legacy Park we are building a greener future, one climate resilient hub at a time.


At Roots Down, our core focus lies in building climate-resiliency and showing the green future we want is possible. We envision these hubs as community nodes that not only adapt to environmental changes but actively contribute to the regeneration of the urban landscape. Through innovative solutions and a deep understanding of regenerative practices, we strive to empower communities to become stewards of their own sustainable futures.

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