Shifting the paradigm of landscaping.

We teach landscapers and their clients how to turn lawns and vacant lots into Productive Urban Landscapes that fight climate change, create green jobs, and feed people.

Imagining a greener world, together.

Growing Fruitful Communities takes a village, that's why we focus on people first. Through Roots Down Membership and a host of live and online events, we're bringing together eco-conscious people around the shared goal of better public spaces.
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Roots Down Membership is a movement of Growers and community partners, ​all working together to grow a more abundant, equitable, and fruitful future. It's free and easy to sign up!

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We bring together community stakeholders to imagine greener, more vibrant uses for public and large private spaces with fun and informative visioning sessions.

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We host a series of free events to get the community out and enjoying parks, gardens, and local businesses, and discussing urgent policy questions.

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We help our clients bring additional resources to the communities they serve. We assist in sourcing and applying for grants, as well as raise additional funds through non-profit partners.

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Bring Roots Down to your area!

Interested in bringing the Fruitful Communities initiative to your town or neighborhood? Contact us for more information on getting started!


Teaching the next generation of land stewards.

Through innovative educational programming, we're turning knowledge into power, and growing a movement of educated, engaged, and empowered ecological landscapers and climate advocates.
The Grower Program

Nested ecological landscaping certifications for landscaping professionals offered through local community colleges and trade schools

GreenHive Leadership Program

A paid fellowship and leadership course to train and engage the next generation of climate leaders.


Fruitful Communities Partnership

We develop show local governments and other organizations how to build better landscapes, and craft policies that grow Fruitful Communities.
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The Fruitful Communities Forum is a 1-2 hour community activation event that educates and engages community stakeholders about transitioning to Productive Urban Landscapes.

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We collaborate with landscapers and department heads to asses and identify the most impactful locations for Productive Urban Landscapes.

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We do a comprehensive review of your landscaping, land use, and urban agriculture policies and propose revisions and new policies that help promote Fruitful Communities. 

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We bring together governments, businesses, organizations, and constituents to catalyze the policies, public support, and funding necessary for sustainable implementation. 


More than a movement, a family.

Our staff.

Our advisors.

Our partners.

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Become a Partner.

Support the Fruitful Communities initiative and kickstart your organization's eco-journey by becoming an official Partner.