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Building Fruitful Communities

Greener landscapes. Fulfilling jobs. Fruitful communities.

Helping government do more.

Fruitful Communities is a proven climate action plan that helps state, county, and local governments establish regenerative food systems through planning and design consulting, training, Productive Urban Landscape (PUL) education, and ongoing community outreach.

Greener Landscapes.

Fruitful Communities provides a framework for you to convert all those grassy, resource-intensive public spaces and convert them to Productive Urban Landscapes (PULs) that provide your community with green jobs, a regenerative solution to food insecurity, and a community outreach and education platform for underserved and underprivileged youth.


Fulfilling jobs.

The green jobs revolution is here, and with more federal and state investment than ever before, Fruitful Communities provides city and county governments with the chance to grow green collar jobs locally, while also providing residents with beautiful, edible, and productive spaces.

Fruitful communities.

Fruitful Communities brings your community together through shared projects, spaces, and a powerful community outreach and education platform. Activate the eco-conscious residents in your area to build better spaces and create engaged and energized community leaders.


The Three Pillars.

Our plans are built around the three equally important pillars of Fruitful Communities: Productive Urban Landscapes (PULs), the Grower Program, and the #GreenHive youth program.
Productive Urban Landscapes (PULs)

The lifeblood of Fruitful Communities are Productive Urban Landscapes, spaces that are edible and ecologically vital, resilient, and regenerative. We combine permaculture techniques and the tenets of new urbanism to lay out a framework for your community to convert your most resource-intensive greenspaces into oases that nurture the soul, the body, and the environment.

Grower Program

The Grower Program is a suite of educational initiatives that ensure government employees, residents, and private landscapers have the capacity to design, build, and maintain ecologically sound landscapes. We work directly with local schools, community colleges, and universities to ensure the entire community has access to 21st century ecological knowledge.


The youth are the future, which is why we've developed the #GreenHive, a leadership and educational platform for eco-conscious teens and college students. #GreenHivers have free access to a host of educational and action-oriented tools for developing their own local chapters, working with local officials, and developing community garden projects.

Growing gardens at DeKalb Libraries.

We've partnered with DeKalb County to completely overhaul the landscaping at 6 library pilots. This spring we broken ground, and now we need your help to complete the pilot sites, launch educational programming, and expand to all 23 county libraries.

Here at Roots Down we envision a world where every person in the US is less than a 5 minute walk away from fresh food, and where communities grow closer out a mutual love of growing and preparing food. 

We work with governments, churches, community orgs, and regular folks like you to turn the unused land around places of community into Productive Urban Landscapes (PULs), food forests and pollinator habitats that feed people, grow green jobs, and foster education opportunities for underprivileged youth.

We're proud to announce our Edible Libraries Campaign, a partnership between DeKalb County and Roots Down to completely overhaul the landscaping around 6 DeKalb County libraries, and develop educational programming, jobs training, and community-building activities.

We broke ground on these libraries this spring, and we will have the first phase done by the end of May, 2021. But we need your help to add more garden space, plant lots more trees, and grow the Edible Library campaign to all 23 DeKalb County libraries.

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Download the Edible Library design here.

What your donation supports.


Fruit trees planted.


Acres converted.


Lbs of food produced each year.


Green jobs created.

Help us grow a greener DeKalb!

Supporting the Edible Libraries Campaign is safe and easy. Just click on the amount you want to donate, and pay with a credit card or PayPal. Quick reminder that Roots Down is a for profit organization so your support is not tax-deductible...but every donation gets one of these sweet gifts!

Agriteer Launch

Our progress so far.

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Updated 7/21/2021
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