What is a Grower?

Updated: Mar 5

By now you've likely seen us use the term "Grower" a bunch of times, but you may still be a little confused about what we mean. No worries; we're here to help! Grower was already a common term in farming circles before we came along, but we've expanded the meaning to include all the people who make our food system work. For us, a Grower is anyone that is working to make a better, greener, and more just world. No matter what you're most interested in, you can be a Grower in the Roots Down Grower Network, because we don't just need people to grow food. We need ecology experts, community organizers, storytellers, teachers, and even kids. Together, this country's Growers are growing a better place to live and thrive.

Food. Earth. People.

To make things easier, we've broken our Grower's into three (3) categories:

  1. Food Growers

  2. Earth Growers

  3. People Growers

You can be one or all of them. It's your choice, and you can change your mind at anytime. That's the beauty of the Roots Down member network. It doesn't matter what you're interested in at any given time; there's always somewhere for you to help.

Now let's dive in a little deeper.

Food Growers

Food Growers are people that are focused on growing food. Whether you're growing a small balcony garden of tomatoes and herbs or have a 30-acre plot you want to convert to a permaculture farm, all Food Growers are important in our book. You see, every veggie and fruit you produce is one more that didn't have to b