How Roots Down creates Green Jobs

No matter what kind of landscape you have, there are labor costs to maintain it. Whether you’ve got a beautiful, edible food forest or acres and acres of grass, somebody has to get out there and prune tree limbs, clear invasive plants, or hop on a lawn mower and cut the grass. However, the type of landscape does impact what kind of job has to be done and whether that job is environmentally friendly or not.

Roots Down believes in the power of Productive Urban Landscapes to create better jobs and better community. Simply put, a field of grass that is mowed and sprayed with synthetic herbicides and pesticides is inaccessible to the community, potentially dangerous, and offers little to nothing in return. We’ve already seen numerous lawsuits against the makers of Round-up, a synthetic herbicide, for causing cancer. Additionally, lawn mowers are the leading cause of amputations for children in America. These jobs don’t require any community engagement or particular skills of any note, meaning they are often low wage jobs with little pathway to moving up. Plus, have you ever tried to eat grass?

On the other hand, a food forest does not require any synthetic chemicals or lawn mowers. The landscape creates food for humans, birds, bugs, and other neighbors on planet earth to enjoy. Maintaining them requires specific knowledge about different plant, animal, and fungal species, plus an ability to engage the community so they know how to support and benefit from the landscape. They have a significantly more positive impact on the community, the environment, and the labor force.

Here are the top 5 ways Roots Down creates Green Jobs.

Reducing Carbon Fueled Jobs

If you’re familiar at all with Roots Down, you’ll know one of our programs is the Grow, Don’t Mow network<