Rabbit Holes no 11: Stories from the edges of regenerative agriculture

While spring is definitely in the air, sadly so is violence. This week, eight people were murdered in Georgia after a targeted attack by a white supremacist against Asian American women. Yet another violent, senseless tragedy plagues our country. We are in a constant state of crisis, a reality that women and BIPOC communities have endured since the first European arrived on this soil.

And yet, the work to create a more just, equitable society continues. The outpouring of love and support for our Asian American and Pacific Islander communities is encouraging. However, the fact that we have become so adept at responding to tragedy is its own form of tragedy. As a nation, we must turn the corner and begin preventing these issues before they happen. While this is not the job of one person, one company, or one community, we all have a role to play in making this world a better and safer place for people of all backgrounds.

This week's links will be a little different. To begin with, we are sharing resources to support Asian Americans before we get to the usual stories about growing food and environmental sustainability.