Productive Urban Landscape: Heck.House

LOCATION: Heck.House - 3498 E Ponce de Leon Ave

LANDSCAPING PARTNERS: Pygmy Goat Folx, Think Green Inc

DESCRIPTION: The Heck.House is one of our favorite places in DeKalb County. Run by Paula Novelle, this funky meeting/event/concert space is truly one of a kind. Artwork thrives all over the place, as do antiques. Thanks to Falah Farms, there are also lots of edible plants surrounding the venue. And don’t think we missed the mulberry tree providing shade above the picnic tables!

Where we come into play is actually just across the street. There is a large, grassy median that separates the road from the train tracks, and we think it could do with a makeover! Our plan is to install a meadow that will provide habitat for pollinators while improving water retention on the site. Plus, it’ll look beautiful right across from the Heck.House!


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