Top 5 edible plants that grow in your front yard!

Did you know your front yard is probably full of edible plants?

Here at Roots Down, we want you to have an abundance of fresh foods at your fingertips that are nutritious and delicious, but will also help the environment. These beautiful perennials will act as decorations for your house and nutrition for your body.

1. Chives

Chives are an amazing plant to grow in the spring/ early summer season. They’re a member of the onion family and that sprouts beautiful petals. They sprout best in the cool season. Chives are easy to grow but may take up your whole front yard if you’re not careful. Read up on chives in order to avoid having your neighborhood smelling like onion breath. Read It’s about to smell a lot like onions (a cautionary tale).

2. Chickweed (make pesto!)

Chickweed’s name does not do it justice. It’s not a useless growth to your garden but a useful addition to your diet. Chickweed is another cool weather plant that is as beautiful as it is edible! The European native plant was brought to America and loves the temperament of the Southern Appalachian area. With its excellent source of vitamin A, C, and B, Chickweed is a delicious addition to meals. They can be used as sprouts, salad, and a base for some pesto! Click