5 beautiful examples of living art

Since the early days of going on a walk and seeing a beautiful landscape, to photographing that landscape, then it being the desktop background to Window XP, the medium in which nature is expressed is constantly evolving. There are still-life paintings of fruit bowls that hone an artist's skills and botanical illustrations that reveal a plant’s anatomy for science or hanging at your doctor’s waiting room lobby. Plants have a place in art. Many artists are using the lawlessness of art to emphasize nature's free spirit.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of artists and pieces that integrate plants as part of a breathing exhibition. These art pieces are giving our living, breathing, carbon-sequestering friends the leading role!

Mossy Mural

In New York City, indoor moss murals are increasingly gaining fame. As it’s known, the urban hub is constantly looking for more greenery to liven up their city aesthetic. They are made by an artist perceiving images into lines and patterns that they believe will have an emotional response to the audience. Then they outline the pattern into wood, acrylic, glass, or cement. Finally, the moss is glued down with E600 and patted down into place. Moss is a flexible plant that flourishes anywhere it is placed. Many artists are beginning to use moss commercially and transforming it into decor, jewelry, and more. The moss is low maintenance and is a bright, cleansing piece that attracts human interaction. Another benefit is moss doesn’t need soil or overgrow its allocated space.