Fruitful Communities and edible environments

Supporting the Fruitful Communities initiative.

Local environmental action...simplified.


Your first step toward Net Zero.

Take your first bold steps toward Net Zero by transitioning your organization or local government landscaping portfolios and practices from resource-intensive "mow and blow" spaces to Productive Urban Landscapes. Partnership gives you the tools and education you need to make the switch.

Community engagement.

It all starts with community! That's why every Fruitful Communities Partnership package comes with 90-minute community activation events that both educates and engages community stakeholders about transitioning to Productive Urban Landscapes. From landscapers and department heads, to politicians and residents, attendees will leave hopeful and energized, ready to start building a better community.

Grow Community Roots Down Urban Agriculture

Environmental education, anywhere.

Fruitful Communities Partnership also comes with Premium Membership. Keep your community educated and connected with up to 50 Premium Memberships for the Roots Down app you can give to your community stakeholders. 

Roadmap for success.

Partnership packages also come with monthly consulting hours. Have questions about your latest project, policy, or proposal? Every Fruitful Communities Partnership package comes with 2-8 consulting hours with the Roots Down team per month. Their yours to use, so spend 'em however you want!

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Become a Partner.

Support the Fruitful Communities initiative and kickstart your organization's eco-journey by becoming an official Partner.

What you get.

Fruitful Communities Partnership packages come with the resources, consulting, and education you need to get your organization's net zero plans on track.

Packages include 90-minute community seminars and continuing education through Premium Membership in the Roots Down app.

Action items.

Monthly consulting with the Roots Down team gives you access to the resources and tools you need to make environmentally-friendly landscaping choices.


Get your organization in front of our growing audience of eco-conscious consumers with complimentary promotional packages.


Our Partners.

Wondering if Fruitful Communities Partnership is right for your organization? Here are some of our current Partners.

Ready to join?

Download one of our digital brochures to learn more about the cost and benefits of becoming a Fruitful Communities Partner. 

The best way for an individual to support the Fruitful Communities initiative is by becoming a Premium Member. For just $7/month you can get connected and support the movement.

Small orgs.

For businesses and non-profits with less than 10 employees.

Large orgs.

For larger corporations and non-profits with 11-100 employees.


For universities, colleges, community colleges, and trade schools.

Local government.

For city and county officials in the 11-county Metro Atlanta area.