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Better landscapes for a greener world.

The Fruitful Communities Initiative is our plan for shifting how we grow landscapes, providing a pathway for communities of all sizes to fight climate change, feed people, grow green jobs, and create outdoor classrooms for community engagement and education.

Modern landscaping is unsustainable.

Modern landscaping may look nice and tidy, but hiding in those clean edges and leafless lawns is one of America’s darkest ecological secrets. Every leaf blower, riding lawn mower, and herbicide application is contributing to a growing ecological crisis, where soils become impoverished, water is polluted, and communities grow poorer. We need to start thinking beyond gasoline-powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers toward a future that is regenerative, green, and equitable.


One plan, lots of benefits.

While modern landscapes require a bunch of costly inputs (gasoline, herbicides, constant maintenance) while only producing functional spaces, Productive Urban Landscapes are places that require less inputs and provide a ton of benefits for the community. From ecological benefits like increased biodiversity and less soil erosion and water runoff to social benefits like fresh food, lusher public spaces, and less expensive maintenance plans, Fruitful Communities are richer, more vibrant places to live.


We have a plan.

For four years, Roots Down has been working with local governments and organizations to shift the way we do landscaping in this country. We envision a world where landscaping does more than look beautiful and cost money, but can actually give back to the community through fresher food, greater biodiversity, fulfilling jobs, and robust community engagement. We call this the Fruitful Communities Initiative.


The benefits of Fruitful Communities.

By shifting landscaping budgets to Productive Urban Landscapes, local governments and organizations can have a huge impact on the environment, their communities, and their budgets.
How we fight climate change.

Productive Urban Landscapes are built around biodiversity, grouping perennial pollinators and fruiting plants, and tending to the sustainable health of the soil. These tactics, combined with reducing or eliminating the use of gasoline-powered mowers and blowers, means that our landscapes are a powerful climate change solution. They sequester carbon, reduce heat island effect, and provide lots of space for the development of biodiverse ecosystems in our commmunities.

How we ease the jobs crisis.

We do more than just show governments and organizations how to change their landscaping. We also partner with local community colleges and universities to provide a career pathway for new landscaping professionals, as well as an opportunity for existing landscapers to learn new skills and participate in the Fruitful Communities revolution. As Productive Urban Landscapes become more popular, we're going to need thousands a skilled Growers to build and maintain these landscapes. Our educational initiatives ensure that we'll be ready for the future of landscaping. 

How we eliminate food insecurity.

One of the primary benefits of Productive Urban Landscapes is that they produce lots of food for local communities. With over 25% of DeKalb County residents experiencing food insecurity, there has never been a better time to plant long-term solutions. Our landscapes focus on fruit-producing species, as well as room for annual crop production. We then partner with local organizations and government departments to ensure the food is harvested and distributed to the local community.

How we provide STEAM education.

In addition to professional education, we've developed the GreenHive, a K-12 after-school curricula and leadership club for eco-conscious youth. Through regular meetings, project support, and micro-grants, the GreenHive gives kids the knowledge and skills they need to become the next generation of land stewards. We also offer the GreenHive Leadership Program to 18-22 year olds interested in growing their leadership skills. A 10-week paid fellowship, the GreenHive Leadership Program is building youth leaders and supporting community legacy projects.


Your journey starts here!

Join us January 20, 2022 at 6:30pm for the Fruitful Communities live launch event. In the interest of safety, there will be limited in-person seating, but the entire event will be broadcast live over Zoom.

Fruitful Communities Live Launch
January 20, 2022 @ 6:30pm
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