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Grow, Don't Mow.

Revolutionize how you design, build, and maintain urban landscapes!

Turning turf into food.

3x more land in the U.S. is covered in turf grass than irrigated crops. We're changing that with our Grow, Don't Mow network. A collaboration between Roots Down and landscapers around the country, we're transforming the way landscaping companies operate, creating new green-collar jobs that improve our native ecology, sequester carbon in our soil, increase food access, and expand the presence of regenerative practices in the industry.


We help you retool your skillset with in-person and online classes that teach you the Productive Urban Landscape (PUL) methodology.

Get Clients

We help you grow your new PUL business by referring clients to landscapers in our Grow, Don't Mow network.

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We're always creating ongoing classes, infographics, blogs, videos, and other urban agriculture opportunities to grow your business, your education, and your horizons.


Our free public Grower Forum is the perfect place to connect with other landscapers, find new clients, and answer questions from our network of Growers. 

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Take your landscaping business to the next level!

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