Lawn Strip


more land in the U.S. is covered in turf grass than irrigated crops

We want to change this. The Grow, Don't Mow campaign is about unleashing the power of our ecology using the funding and resources already being devoted by municipalities in metro Atlanta.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the benefits of safer, ecologically friendly landscapes that create well-paying jobs, increase food security, build community, and improve public health by reducing the number of chemicals, machines, and noise in maintaining them.

We need a different approach that starts at the root to transform these spaces from unproductive wastelands to fruitful, native oases.


We are starting a movement and we want you to join us. Wear the shirt, contribute to our campaign, transform your yard. Grow, Don't Mow. 

The funds raised by this campaign go directly towards the installation and maintenance of food-producing sites in residents' yards across metro Atlanta. Since the launch of this campaign, we have installed almost one dozen fruitful landscapes - that's nearly one acre of land!

Want to get involved? Contact us!