Vision for the Future #GreenHive Art Contest

The #GreenHive is a climate action club for eco-conscious teens, and we're looking for the best teen artists to show us their visions for the future. Show us what you'd like the United States to look like in 15 years, and send us your best work!
Starting March 1, we'll be choosing one #GreenHive artist every week throughout the month of March to feature on our Instagram and TikTok accounts. In addition the artist will also receive membership in the #GreenHive and $25 gift certificate to Binder's Art Supply.
Here are the details!
  • Open to kids 11-17 years old

  • Artists can submit as many pieces as they want

  • The submissions period starts 2/22/2021 and ends 3/21/21

  • Artists don't need to be #GreenHive members to submit

  • One artist will be picked every week to feature on the Roots Down Instagram and TikTok account

  • Every weekly winner will receive a #GreenHive membership and a $25 gift certificate to Binder's Art Supply

Ready to get started?

The theme of the contest is "Vision for the Future," so show us what you'd like the United States to look like in 15 years.
Upload Your Art Here
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