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The buzz is real.

This is your planet too, and you deserve a voice. That's why we've built a special Grower program just for teens like you! Designed just for the 11-17 year olds, the #GreenHive is growing a movement of future land stewards, where we provide you with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to go out and conquer the world!

What's the #GreenHive?

What comes with my membership?

How do I join?

The #GreenHive is a special program for kids 11-17 years old that helps you gain the knowledge and tools you need to be good land steward and global citizen, and then connects you to ongoing education, community-building, and career opportunities. Today's teens will be tomorrow's leaders, and #GreenHive is growing the next generation of food, climate, and justice powerhouses.
For just $7/mo,  #GreenHive members get tons of opportunities to get inspired, educated, and connected to the larger global food movement. Every month is different, but here are some of the things you can look forward to:
  • Monthly #GreenHive Companion
  • Regular online meet-ups
  • Unlimited access to the Grower Forum

Signing up for the #GreenHive is super easy. Just click here, sign up for a Free or Premier Membership! Simple right? You can also become a member by joining us for any of our in-person #GreenHive events. 

And much more!

For teens, by teens.

Join the #GreenHive and plug into a nationwide movement of teens on a mission. This isn't some boring coding class or STEAM course; the #GreenHive is youth movement built by and for teens just like you! Make friends, guide your local club, and build a movement!

Make friends

Meet other eco-conscious kids your own age, plot the course of your local club, and plug into the nationwide network of #GreenHivers to swap ideas, work together, and build friendships that will last a lifetime.

Chart your course

#GreenHive has been designed for teens by teens, which means you get to decide how your local club will function, which projects you'll focus on, and how you want to grow your local community. Don't worry, the Growers at Roots Down are always here to help, facilitate, and offer guidance, but the #GreenHive is the first eco-conscious club specifically designed to be built by teenagers.

Grow a movement

#GreenHive is both hyper-local and nationwide, so every chapter has control over how you will grow your local movement. You choose the projects, the strategies, and focus of your local chapter, while also being plugged into a nationwide organization of land stewards and food organizers.

Join one of our upcoming classes.

We're always offering a suite of in-person or online classes for youth 11-17 years old. You can take them a la carte, or get reduced pricing with a Grower Network Premier Membership.
No upcoming events at the moment