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GreenHive Leadership Program

Growing eco-conscious leaders.

The GreenHive Leadership Program is a 10-week paid fellowship for DeKalb County-based college students.

Here at Roots Down we envision a world where every person in the US is less than a 5 minute walk away from fresh food, and where communities grow closer out a mutual love of growing and preparing food. The GreenHive Leadership Program enables us to extend this mission to growing the next generation of land stewards.

Through weekly training sessions and a final capstone project, eco-conscious students will get hands-on experience advocating for shifting the paradigm of landscapes, while working side-by-side with other students to engage the community and local politicians, and gain crucial leadership skills.

The GreenHive Leadership Program builds on the Fruitful Communities initiative and Grower Program by providing a structured format for college students to become directly engaged in the ecological work being done here in DeKalb, all while being paid to make DeKalb a greener, more sustainable place. 

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What you get.


Weeks of paid leadership training.


Program stipend.


Letters of recommendation.


Unforgettable experience.

What will be covered.

Throughout the 10-week course, you'll learn all sorts of amazing things like leadership training, using art as a form of activism, local policy, the basics of community organizing, and the green job movement. The GreenHive Leadership Program has everything you need to start your career as a climate activist. 

Topics covered:
  • The Fruitful Communities Initiative: Shifting the Paradigm of Landscapes 

  • What are Productive Urban Landscapes and how are they growing in DeKalb County?

  • The growing Green Job movement

  • Community project management

  • Planning and executing community listening sessions

  • Community organizing in the 21st century

  • Art as activism

  • Working with diverse constituents

  • DeKalb County government structure, budgeting, and political processes

  • Local policy to make positive change

...and so much more!

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