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#GreenHive Leadership Program

Growing eco-conscious leaders.

The #GreenHive Leadership Program is a 10-week paid fellowship for DeKalb County-based college students.

Here at Roots Down we envision a world where every person in the US is less than a 5 minute walk away from fresh food, and where communities grow closer out a mutual love of growing and preparing food. The #GreenHive Leadership Program enables us to extend this mission to growing the next generation of land stewards.

Through weekly training sessions and a final capstone project, eco-conscious students will get hands-on experience designing and building Productive Urban Landscapes (PULs), while working side-by-side with other students to engage the community, build #GreenHive chapters at DeKalb high schools and middle schools, and gain crucial leadership skills.

The #GreenHive Leadership Program builds on the Fruitful Communities initiative and Growers Program by providing a structured format for college students to become directly engaged in the ecological work being done here in DeKalb, all while being paid to make DeKalb a greener, more sustainable place. #GreenHive Leaders will participate in Grower Program training sessions, and assist in completing DeKalb County PUL projects.

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What you get.


Weeks of paid leadership training.


Program stipend.


Letters of recommendation.


Unforgettable experience.

What will be covered.

Throughout the 10-week course, you'll learn all sorts of amazing things. From basic horticulture and permaculture training to the basics of community organizing, the #GreenHive Leadership Program has everything you need to start your career as a climate activist. 

Topics covered:
  • What are Productive Urban Landscapes and how are they growing in DeKalb County?
    Community project management

  • Fundamentals of regenerative landscaping

  • Planning and executing community listening sessions

  • Understanding site analysis and designing PUL's

  • Community organizing in the 21st century

  • Designing around the soil, sun, water, and existing structures

  • Creating bubble maps, preliminary designs - digital/hand-drawn

  • Earthworks, bed preparation, and planting practices

  • Organic maintenance, passive maintenance techniques, and garden coaching skills

  • Invasive removal and organic pest management

  • Garden cleanup

  • Art as activism

  • Working with diverse constituents

  • DeKalb County government structure, budgeting, and political processes

...and so much more!

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