Fruitful Communities and edible environments

Fruitful Communities Forum

Local climate action...simplified.


Your first step toward Net Zero.

Take your first bold steps toward Net Zero by transitioning your local government landscaping portfolios from resource-intensive "mow and blow" spaces to Productive Urban Landscapes.

Community engagement.

The Fruitful Communities Forum is a 90-120 minute community activation event that both educates and engages community stakeholders about transitioning to Productive Urban Landscapes. From landscapers and department heads, to politicians and residents, attendees will leave hopeful and energized, ready to start building a better community.

Grow Community Roots Down Urban Agriculture

Environmental education, anywhere.

The Fruitful Communities forum can be conducted online or in-person anywhere in Georgia, so no community member has to miss out on the discussion. In addition attendees get free Roots Down Membership with access to our growing library of environmental education and advocacy resources. 

Roadmap for success.

Being a Forum Host also means you and your organization will get early access to the Roots Down Fruitful Communities roadmap, an exclusive Resource Guide and Toolkit that provides organizations with a framework for transitioning landscaping portfolios.

Coming in Fall 2022.

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Become a Host.

We're only working with 6 Hosts in 2022, so get your application in today!

What you get.

The Fruitful Communities forum is more than an event, it's a toolkit for the whole community.
Actionable data

Our post-forum survey provides your organization with the important decision-making data you need to start the transition to ecological landscaping.

Local action

The Fruitful Communities forum is a first step toward Net Zero goals. By providing an outlet for listening and community engagement, your organization is beginning the process of reach the larger goal.


All attendees receive free Roots Down Membership, which means your community immediately gets the resources and information they need to start taking local environmental action.



Have questions about hosting a Fruitful Communities forum? We got you covered.
What comes with a Fruitful Communities forum?

A Fruitful Communities forum is a package of services that includes:

  • A 90-120 minute community activation event (online or in-person)

  • A post-event survey

  • A post-event report

  • 10 copies of Grow Don't Mow

  • Free Roots Down Membership for all attendees

Why is it free?

We believe that Productive Urban Landscapes represent one of the most cost effective and impactful solutions to the climate crisis that local governments can take, and so we want to make it as easy to get the word out as possible. The future is too important.

What about COVID?

We offer both in-person and online options for the Fruitful Communities forum, so Hosts can choose which they feel comfortable with. All in-person events will follow current CDC guidelines.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. The Fruitful Communities Forum is provided by application only, so it's totally free to the Host!

Who can apply?

Forum Hosts can be:

  • City or County governments

  • Elected officials

  • City or County government departments

  • Department heads

  • Private organizations (both for-profit and non-profit)

If you or your organization fit the description and want to bring a Fruitful Community forum to you? Apply today!

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Apply today!