Top 100 Black-Owned green businesses.

We believe that Black lives matter. Our modern-day agricultural system was built on exploitation, slavery, and stolen land. Systemic racism in agriculture is clear in the disproportionate government aid given to white farmers, food apartheid in communities of color, and Black farmers losing ownership of land at double the rate of white farmers. Of the near one billion acres of agricultural land in America, people of color own less than 2%. As an agriculture business focused on equity and justice, we feel it is our responsibility to use our privilege to call attention to these injustices, amplify the voices of Black agrarian workers, and prioritize servicing Black communities.


As a white-owned business operating under an inherently racist, oppressive system, we recognize that our work will not be over until we dismantle the very structures that our company currently benefits from. We vow to support the BLM movement in all the ways that we can. We vow to fight for communities over capitalism. We vow to help rebuild an agricultural system that is void of racial inequity. We vow to use our privilege to serve as accomplices to this revolution.

That's why we're building this list of the Top 100 Black-owned green businesses, to provide our network with a launching point for doing the work of dismantling the past and building a more just, equitable, and green future. If you would like to see any other businesses of resources added to this list, please reach out to us! We want this page to just get better and better.

A few steps toward anti-racism.

Looking for a few ways you can use your privilege for good? Here are some tips that white and privileged folks can take to aid in the fight for racial justice.
  • Redistribute your wealth

  • Buy from Black-owned farms and growers

  • Listen to Black leaders (white voices like ours should not be in the spotlight)

  • Volunteer your time and/or services to Black-owned organizations

  • Attend protests

  • Call your representatives to demand that they defund and dismantle police

  • Educate yourself instead of asking people of color to do the work for you 


Collective and Cooperative Farms

Gilliam's mission is to nourish communities across metro Atlanta with fresh, healthy, locally-grown food that is accessible and affordable for all. They are a 3-acre sustainable urban garden located in Atlanta's Westside neighborhood. Since 2014, their diversified garden produces beautiful vegetables, herbs, fresh eggs, and their very own dried spice blends.

Gilliam's Community Garden serves as an outdoor educational center for local children, homeschool families and schools seeking unique science-based and STEM learning. They provide cooking classes for seniors, as well as learning tours and urban farming experiences for volunteer groups.

GWYA has shaped and fed Atlanta for over 10 years. The collective creates enterprise through food production and our farms and gardens radiate with biodiversity and economic productivity.

Our methods produce delicious local food and demonstrate systems that eliminate harm to animals and compost waste. We envision food abundance, when farms are focal points, producing and sharing nutrition between urban and agricultural communities.

New Communities is a grassroots organization that has worked for more than 40 years to empower African American families in Southwest Georgia and advocate for social justice. Born out of the Civil Rights Movement in 1969, New Communities, Inc. was founded as a collective farm, and is widely recognized as the original model for community land trusts in the US. Today. 

The South West Atlanta Growers Cooperative (SWAG Co-op) is a farmer based membership cooperative that aims to develop and maintain a healthy and secure food system that is environmentally and economically sustainable. ​To create a transformative, environmentally and culturally responsible Atlanta food system that contributes to a robust and equitable high quality of life for its farmers and communities.


Sustainable Farms

A black owned, family operated, multi-generational farm and nursery who deals directly with farmers across Georgia. They are dedicated to providing their customers with locally grown, naturally grown, farm fresh products that they can feel safe providing their families with.

Their mission is simply to produce the very best at achievable and affordable prices to all, while embracing, promoting and empowering the culture and economic progress of underrepresented communities.

Gilliard Farms is a family-run organic farm, growing under the watchful eye of sibling farmers Althea Raiford and Matthew Raiford. Gilliard Farms was first established in 1874 by Althea and Matthew's great great great grandfather Jupiter Gilliard. The farm has never used chemicals to grow any crops and is a member of Georgia Organics, Coastal Organic Growers and Georgia Grown. Althea & Matthew Raiford are the sixth generation to farm this land.

High Hog Farm logo.png

When we first settled on the name for our farm, we were dreaming big dreams, dreams we had no idea how we would achieve (hence the ‘flying pig’ ). With that, High Hog Farm was born with a ridiculous amount of faith and a cute, tongue-in-cheek play on words. Since then we’ve grown to realize just how much ‘tlc’ this land required, and just how much more the land would pour into us in return. Ironically, we hadn’t considered how many people would assume we were a pig farm based on the name. Our farm centers around our love for herbs, our passion for natural fibers, and the joy of growing together as a family. We are rekindling an intimate connection to the land, drawing from it and one another. The way we grow and prepare our food are cultural expressions of ourselves and those we love and we are grateful that it connects us more deeply with our community. Ours is a journey of reclaiming and reconnecting with ancestral wisdom and skills. Our name is a reminder and a guide and it contains within it limitless hope. We hope it inspires you as it has us… food, fiber, and dreams included!

Local Lands is a Family owned and Operated Farm. We use only organic materials, seeds, fertilizer, feed…. etc… All of what has been given naturally to the earth and to those who take part in the earth’s cycle. Our mission has been and will be to provide all natural and conscious sources of food and products, from the field to the table, to create an intimate relationship between producer and consumer, and to educate all involved.

We have been Farming in Georgia since 2010, Pennsylvania before that, and have been enjoying the weather, the people and the overall environment. Our Farm is open to the public and we welcome those who wish to participate in what they eat…

At Lola's Organic Farm we grow USDA certified organic vegetables and fruit including delicious strawberries, sweet onions, garlics, sweet peppers, eggplants, sweet potatoes, muscadines, kales, mustards, ginger and turmeric. We grow cover crops for their many benefits and as a part of our organic farming system.

Phoenix Gardens was started in 2005 by Brennan and Gwendolyn Washington in Lawrenceville, Georgia. From the beginning, they set out to grow wholesome food in a sustainable manner, growing a wide range of vegetables, herbs and fruit at their farm. They not only grow good food, they help grow food systems. They've tirelessly supported many aspects of local food system development including co-founding the Georgia Farmers Market Association, mentoring new and beginning farmers, serving on agricultural grant review panels and speaking about sustainable agriculture at conferences.

Owned and operated by Sedrick “Sed” Rowe, Albany, GA-based Rowe Organic Farms LLC ensures access to certified organic crops. They specialize in niche markets: agritourism, heritage farming and organic growing. They're one of only three Georgia farms successfully growing “certified organic” peanuts. Sed is also the only Black farmer in South Georgia approved to grow organic hemp.

Swanson family farms.png

Swanson Family Farm is a 32 acre farm run by the Swanson family—Wayne, Charmaine, and their son Jekhi—that specializes in grass-fed and pasture-raised beef, lamb, goat and pork. We feature GA Pineywoods Cattle, hair sheep and heritage breeds of goats and hogs. Our aim is to provide the highest quality products raised the way God intended—on a pasture or in the woods. We do not feed commercial food or pump steroids or hormones into our animals. You can purchase our products on the farm, at a local farmers market, via private chefs or at one of our partner restaurants.


Gratitude Botanical Farm’s mission is to educate, grow, feed, serve and protect the history of the people of Atlanta through the art of organic urban agriculture.

We are comprised of Christopher Lemons and Desmond Baskerville, both Atlanta natives. Not only are they business partners, but also childhood friends. Christopher, a certified master gardener from a long lineage of farmers in Georgia, maintained and managed his community garden for years in the historic Peoplestown community in Atlanta. Desmond, also an ancestral farmer, often volunteered there as his love for agriculture grew into a passion. In 2018 they were presented with the opportunity to work their dreams into a reality.

Located in South Fulton, GA minutes from downtown Atlanta, Miller City Farm is a 4+ acre micro-farm specializing in seasonal, heirloom, non-GMO, and organic produce. With offerings ranging from strawberries and mixed greens, to tomatoes and blackberries, Miller City Farm’s goal is to provide farm fresh food to 250 families across the South Fulton area. This ambition is fueled by Farmer Willie, a 3rd generation green thumb born and raised in the south. Dusting off his green thumb and perfecting his unique method of sustainable, naturally grown, heirloom growing, he moved from a rooftop urban farm, to a friend’s backyard, and now a 4+ acre micro-farm — with an abundance of space needed to grow locally-sourced, fresh food. As his territory increased, so did the demand for his ‘goodie bag’ of fresh harvest, along with canned and preserved vegetables and fruits. We at Miller City Farm are excited to see our dream of feeding our neighbors and friends with nutrient rich, fresh food come true! Even more exciting is the opportunity to strengthen the fabric of our community through farm partnerships.

Metro Atlanta logo.jpg

Metro Atlanta Urban Farm believes everyone deserves access to affordable high quality produce.  Our produce is certified naturally grown and harvested with care by the hands of staff and volunteers who support an equitable food distribution system.  We provide gardening and agricultural training to ensure families learn to feed themselves and to create future generations of urban agriculturalists.  Welcome to our Farm. We invite you to explore, learn, eat, and grow with us!

Patchwork City Farms (PCF) is a 1.2 acre independently-owned urban farm located in the city of Atlanta GA. Its original inception began in the Historic West End neighborhood of Atlanta and has now moved to is permanent location of Oakland City. PCF continues to be at the leading edge of Farm to Table, Slow Food, and Sustainable Agricultural movements to name a few.

Semente Farm is a small family farm located on land owned by the Peterson/Stephens Family - once cultivated by Claude Tedford Petersen, a master grower from the U.S. Virgin Islands. They grow produce, herbs and flowers using ecologically sustainable practices, ones that conserve resources, build rich soil, and promote a vibrant ecosystem.

Home of On Da Farm produce and products, and Oyun Ministries & Marketplace, SHAMBA Cultivating Ground is an urban farm nestled in the urban agriculture oasis of East Point, GA.

TLW logo.jpg
Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture is committed to bringing good food, good health and well-being to Atlanta’s urban community.
Feeding people right where they live is our mission.
Our guiding principles are to emulate nature in the production of food, to educate old and young to grow their own food, and to create a welcoming space where people can gather and find harmony with the earth. 

Urban Farms




The Federation is a non-profit cooperative association of black farmers, landowners, and cooperatives.  We are organized by state associations with field offices serving a primary membership base in the Southern States.  The majority of our farmers, landowners, cooperatives, and credit unions are in Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and  Louisianna.  Our Largest individual membership base is in South Carolina.  Our largest co-op membership base is in the state of  Mississippi.

HABESHA, Inc. is a Pan-African organization that cultivates leadership in youth and families through practical experiences in cultural education, sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship, holistic health, and technology.

Southeastern African-American Farmers Or

SAAFON is a network of Black farmers who are dedicated to ecologically sustainable farming in the Southeastern United States and its Caribbean territories. 


Farm to Table

Their focus is utilizing what the earth provides holistically growing our vegetables, fruits and herbs with zero chemicals.  They simply take care of the soil, plant heirloom seeds, and harvest to provide the most nutrient dense produce possible. Welcome to bread and butter farms. Chefs with over 20 years of fine dining experience, harvest veggies and fruit from the farm as well as obtain some of the finest grass fed meats from their farm as well as locally sourced and then prepared culinary marvels you and your family are sure to enjoy. These dinners are very exclusive and you must have received a special coin to enter.

Social Justice

Gangstas to Growers is committed to giving Black youth the time to heal, experience economic relief and access to new careers. G2G is the inaugural program of The Come Up Project, a multi-faceted grassroots collective developing self-sustaining social enterprises and worker cooperatives as solutions to our nation's problems.

Gangstas to Growers is an agribusiness training program for formerly incarcerated Black youth on the WestSide of Atlanta. While in the program trainees not only learn how to build and run businesses; they participate in a robust curriculum of personal, professional and skill development.

Gardening in organic soil & utilizing holistic techniques to yield larger-than-life produce, Haylene Green wants to equip families and growers with knowledge concerning food security and safety, and sustaining the environment for years to come.

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